‘Addressed to the City’ is a story book about adventure and a family art project.

The idea of producing a book sans computer these days seems rather far-fetched and near impossible, but this is exactly what the ‘three green bottles’ have wonderfully done.

Taking the entire production back to basics was very time consuming, but allowed the three of us to spend copious amounts of Sunday afternoons together, sewing, drawing, pasting, printing, sipping cups of tea and laughing a-plenty.

The pages of the book were produced as art, exactly as you see them – with no photoshop editing whatsoever. The only process involving a computer was the scanning of the finished art, and then composing a print ready file, allowing it to be printed.

The end result is a book that entices the reader to touch, and scratch at the pages, creating a feeling of a very much 3 dimensional story where one wants to find the little things.

The book also encourages the art of letter writing, another dying process of communication – and includes a ready-to-go stamped envelope.

If you haven’t held a copy, or looked at the pages we highly recommend it, it certainly is worth the journey.

‘Addressed to the City’ has been made by Sarah (Red Design Group’s graphic designer), her sister (me), and our ‘art director’ mARTin.

– Alex Hotchin