Against the background of one of those excellent Melbourne summer nights, torrential rain and thunder, we arrived at the opening for the Candy Room on Melbourne’s Bourke Street.

The two youngest members of the RED team who created the design, Sarah Hotchin and Aaron Chen were both excited to finally see their first project launched.

The Candy Room design, based around an illusional room created by graphic line-work plays on the inner child in all of us. The small space of 50sq metres was painted white and then black line-work defined rooms within a home, complete with littered laundry and the pet cat.

The concept seemed to entertain the kids and the young at heart – no doubt aided by the free candy which was scattered liberally all over the store.

That was important for us to know because our target market was adults – but children drive a large proportion of confectionery sales.

Sarah, our graphic designer responsible for the Candy Room brand and graphics, was planned to interview the owners Leonie Schweitzer and Cristina Velardo for the first ever video for RED’s web site.

Everyone wanted to talk to the new owners – including a number of people who thought that Candy Room was a global brand just arrived in Melbourne.

So Sarah’s interview was not that easy to do but she did manage to get a quick interview with Leonie and Kristina, and our cameraman took some great footage of guests and customers sampling the lollies and choccies on offer.

You can sample the Candy Room story too. Visit their store at 155 Queen Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Or click on the pictures and video here on our blog.