When I think of 100% customer engagement, I think of customers having the best brand experience they can with all of their senses, every time they interact with your brand.

In practical terms this means being ready to sell, your product, your image, your values, your ethics, your way of doing business, every time a customer fronts up.

In the past I would have said that you couldn’t sell on every opportunity because you have walk ins, walk-bys, window shoppers, rubber necker, researchers, nay sayers, brand detractors, competition, low market share, not enough channels to market, the wrong technology choices, too much data, not enough data and not enough money… and now I say rubbish, of course you can.

Every opportunity is an opportunity to sell… something. Your customers are interacting with your brand in some way all the time, despite what you think, so by now you should be making every experience the best experience they are ever going to have!

Bad customer experience is universal; it doesn’t take any time to create a failure. Now is your moment to shine, your moment of truth, stand up and say, yes you can have my brand, you can tell your friends, and you can come back for more.