Two exciting new facilities opened at Westmead Hospital in the first week of June, aptly named Coffee Therapy and Coffee Box.

They are the first instalments of a larger retail and hospital infrastructure project that will be rolled out between now and late 2011, the culmination of comprehensive planning.

Courtesy of a partnership between Western Sydney Local Health Network and Zouki, specialists in catering and retail services for the health care sector, the existing bank, post office, florist and news agency will be revamped as part of the level two precinct redevelopment.

A new large cafeteria, commercial kitchen, convenience store, pharmacy and hair and beauty salon are also part of what’s in store, while the dental precinct cafĂ© facilities are undergoing a total rejuvenation.

The innovative venture furnishes Westmead Hospital with much-welcomed new and inviting contemporary quarters for hospital reception, admissions, the cashier and volunteers.

Logically flowing on from reception will be the convenience of retail services positioned either side of the main thoroughfare, commencing with the florist and pharmacy, items often needed on the way in or the way out.

Food services are planned in close proximity to the walkway, while the location of seating areas adjacent to the window areas take advantage of natural light and outdoor courtyard aspect.

Housed further along the journey, the bank, the hospital’s cashier and post office, will allow business related transactions to occur in a quieter spot.

The Coffee Box is located just outside the main entrance into Westmead hospital and adjacent to the Emergency Department. The clever design concept that’s based on a box opening up has the intent of creating strong visual interest.

Customers can not only purchase food and drink at a handy location, they also have an opportunity for a reprieve, to reflect in the calming aesthetic of an outdoor seating area inserted off the main walkway into the sanctuary of the garden bed.

Coffee Therapy is located on Level one E Block flanking the therapies area and replaces the former temporary facility with a thoughtfully considered professional operation. Both of the shop designs have the idea of creating a relaxing and comfortable ambience amidst busy hospital life.

The key stakeholders collaborating to deliver the Westmead Hospital project: Zouki, Red Design Group and builder CJ Duncan draw on vast experience in the health care context and retail sector throughout Australia.

This private public sector partnership is part of NSW Health’s statewide retail strategy aimed at attracting private funding to refurbish hospital spaces and enhance amenities in an arrangement that negates any cost to hospitals.