This is an interview with Design Principal at RED published in Clubs and Pubs Manager – Winter 2017 edition.   

Q.  How does Red Design Group work with Clubs?

A. Our aim is to draw and design those ideas shared by our clients. At Earlwood Bardwell Park RSL there were three design factors that our client aimed to achieve, including; increasing the patron numbers, have them use the club facilities for longer periods of time and encourage them to return more frequently to enjoy the club.


Q. What is RED’s experience in the design of clubs and pubs?

A. You will notice from our portfolio each of our projects look different and are a true reflection of our clients brief. For over 15 years we have worked with many CEO’s of clubs and pubs, incorporating extremely different budgets and design scopes successfully throughout Australia.


Q. What are some of the invisible aspects of design?

A. It is essential that we incorporate the operational requirements of a club into our design as getting it right will allow for better customer service and a saving of staff costs. This may take many forms including; staff efficiencies when planning the bar or commercial kitchen, adjacencies of club facilities and their ability to function during different day parts along with the obvious on-going maintenance of fittings and materials.


Q. How did you approach the design of the Earlwood Bardwell Park RSL?

A. Earlwood incorporated a fusion of business ideas aimed at respecting and retaining the existing member base, while evolving the perception of an RSL to attract younger professional couples to the venue. The end result is a professional looking venue that aims to make everyone feel welcome and safe on a regular basis.


Q. What is your advice to clubs that are considering refurbishments?

A. Believe that a considered design can make a significant difference to the future of your club. As competition for the entertainment dollar increases, clubs need to evolve and stay relevant, providing a reason for new and existing patrons to be attracted continuously.


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