The lobby sets the scene as a place of welcome to up-market resort surrounds and where patrons might pause for a coffee or meal in Gymea cafĂ©. Atop on level one – the design ambition was to take the experience up another notch – to provide guests with a true destination that is unreservedly all about entertainment. Gaming machines as the drawcard event – became one of two focal points in the design. The other was an extensive outdoor terrace – and as part of the existing architecture, we worked to seamlessly integrate that so that it effectively became one all encompassing space.

Red Design Group’s philosophy of letting a few big statements do the talking in an otherwise pared back simple design is true here. Although low ceilings can be a challenge – we ran with that as an opportunity to extend our creativity. The encapsulating and intricate coffered ceiling embellished with LED lighting and highly detailed gaming floor carpet became the two big stories and big-ticket items. Their combined effect ties the whole space together along with the gaming machines – indoor and out.

While good circulation is always part of our design ethos, gaming machines as the main product largely determine the layout and provide our design team with a roadmap to work with. A gaming floor is a hive of activity,  machines, atmosphere, lights, noise – so when we approach the interior design – we embrace the buzz rather than shying away from that.

The carpet is purposely busy and lively yet light in feel. The rest of the design introduces texture, interest and additional decoration using high quality finishes. Large-scale patterning of the carpet also doubled as a concealment device for overcoming otherwise prominent air vents in the floor. We selected upholstered wall paneling and textured wallpapers as a richer and more layered alternative to painted plasterboard, while nature inspired mosaic tiles applied to airlocks give the appearance of planting growing across the wall helping to extend the garden aspect.

Being actively involved in dialogue with casinos, clubs and venues from large to niche about their needs – helps inform our development of individually tailored solutions that connect clients with their audiences. Red Design Group’s work at Tradies introduces to NSW a unique solution that’s a deviation away from formula based approaches to club interior design. Intrinsic to our whole design process is the added value for the client of being presented with a raft of ideas and creative solutions from which they can cherry pick what is appropriate for their business and budget.