Today’ ‘Featured’ snapshot looks at 1st Choice liquor and the launch of the new “big box” retail liquor concept. RED was engaged to develop the concept for the design of the new store, new fixtures, branding and signage, environmental graphics and visual merchandising.

We created a retail environment that is easy to shop in and which conveys simple, clear messages about product, brands and price.

The bulk wine department encourages customers to save by buying by the case and products are arranged by wine variety for ease of shopping.

The premium and fine wines departments have a warm ambience through the use of timber and each price ticket provides useful quaffing tips.

A large range of regular and boutique beers is presented in the Beerworld department, and interactive kiosks around store provide customers with information on all the products in the store.

Coles has rolled out the concept to more than 40 stores nationally.