We are happy to share our first major branding project in Vietnam.

Our client was the Hoa Lam Group who are developing a large Hi-Tech Healthcare Park which will eventually house up to 6 hospitals.

The RED team designed the new brand identity for Gia An 115 – Hoa Lam’s second hospital which is about to open in their Healthcare Park in Ho Chi Minh’s Binh Tan district.

The new brand is clean, modern and colourful and the name reinforces the strong link with the state run 115 Hospital which is connected to Gia An 115.

The connection is part of a unique PPP ( Public Private Partnership) between Hoa Lam Group and the government, in which a private healthcare provider supports state operated hospitals in cases where patients have a need for more advanced care.

We created new signage, marketing collateral, staff uniforms, a web site and wayfinding elements.

It was a good learning experience for the RED design team as we were soon deeply immersed in understanding more of the Vietnamese culture and how consumers perceive brands.

But we also felt confident that we were bringing an international flavour, and a depth of branding talent to our newly adopted country of Vietnam.

Watch this space for photos of the finished site which opens soon.

You can find more information on the RED web site.

Hoa Lam Hospital

And if you are ever in need of health care when you are in Ho Chi Minh City, remember Gia An 115 Hospital.

It’s located in Binh Tan right behind the Aeon¬† Mall.