Cristina Velardo and Leonie Schwetzer started their company Sweet Enough to import sugar free candy products into Australia. Their success quickly grew and their products are now being sold in stores across Australia including major department stores such as Myer and David Jones.

Following this success in the wholesale market, Cristina and Leonie decided to enter the retail market. They came to RED with an idea, but without a specific vision on how it would be implemented. It had to be edgy, trendy, clean, humorous and uniquely charismatic. It was not to be simply a shop; it had to be a destination; an experience.

Their new venture ‘The Candy Room’, to be located in the heart of Melbourne, will be a boutique style candy store. The design toys with the concept of illusion and draws the inner child out of the customer using a strong connection with childhood, fantasy, fiction, and of course, sweets.

Traditionally, the store environment has been used to dress the product but our design turns this concept on its head and allows the product to dress the space. As the candy products themselves are vibrantly coloured, we had to take care that the store environment itself did not compete with, but rather accentuated them. We therefore made a deliberate decision to make the environment almost entirely white, allowing the multi-coloured treats to stand out. Hand drawn sketches in black on the white surfaces of walls and fixtures give the store a quirky look.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into The Candy Room.

Check back soon for progress.