Design Pitches, I know what you’re thinking…..

That said this is one that we were really excited about.

The Eastin Grand Hotel in Saigon (Formally The Omni / Movenpick Saigon Hotel) approached Red Design Group to submit for refurbishment of the 5 star hotel facade, reception and conference facilities.

The brief was to return the Eastin Grand to its former glory.

Renovations during the changing of owning companies had seen most of the lavish interior removed and the new owners wanted to see a return to the interior French Colonial grandeur that once too pride of place.

Our creative intent was to reintroduce the decorative features from French Colonial  Architecture and Interior Design back into 5 star Eastin Grand while setting it apart from historical designs.

Our typical workflow looks at inspirational imagery that directly relates to the project and brief.

-Followed by conceptual planning-

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-Followed by artist representation-

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The concept was focused on the reintroduction of decorative interior features aligned with the brief. The treatment of the facade was intended to bring some curvature back to the hard facade and soften it in an attempt to bring back some greenery and formality unique to this style of architecture.

The introduction of an internal terrace provides an opportunity to welcome guests at the threshold between the new curved porte-cochere and refurbished reception lobby.

The reception lobby proposed for all elements (finishes, fixtures, furniture and equipment) to be treated in sophisticated, classical & contemporary overtones, working in with the existing dining area adjacent, new informal bar area, and full refurbishment of the grand staircase leading toward the conference facilities.

A full refurbishment of the existing conference facilities; lifting the current offer in line with the brief with the introduction of decorative ceilings, lighting and introduction of curved windows by replacing the existing square facade windows adjacent. The concept also saw the introducing of a strong level of digital overlay to cater to business and private functions alike.

RED are proud of the team involved  in this creative pitch and it demonstrates our typical thought process when taking clients though the creative process.