‘Featured’ snapshot today looks at some of concept work related to pharmacy’ & healthcare across Australia. Our goal is to always develop concepts that are dynamic, service centric and rich in customer experience. Our work spans across Branding, Interior Design, Digital Design and Fixture Design

We work with boutique retailers to national chains in providing design consultation surrounding brand and interior of new & existing assets.

Below are snapshots of completed concepts for clients touching on the creative disciplines RED has in house.

-Brand Development-

Review of existing or creation of new brand

DVG0001-GPRES001-01 Pyes Concept

DVG0001-GPRES001-01 Pyes Conceptj

CPS002 GPRES002-03 Capsule Pharmacy Branding1

CPS002 GPRES002-03 Capsule Pharmacy Branding

-Schematic Planning-

Analysis of client operations, department splits and customer journey

CHM0004-GPRES0001-01 - Copy

INS0001-GPRES003-Concept-02 Page 002

INS0001-GPRES003-Concept-02 Page 003

-Design Development-

Further development of the design to assist stakeholders understanding of form, materials and visual language.


DVG0001-GPRES001-01 Pyes Concept11

INS0004-GPRES001-03 Shopfont Concept

Ramsay Health 4


-Rendered Representation-

To assist stockholders understanding of form and material in application within the retail space

DVG0001-GPRES001-01 Pyes Concept25


INS0001-GPRES003-Concept-02 Page 012