Please follow these ingredients for a successful campaign.

First start with two major projects, both of which need to be photographed and filmed.

1. Zouki at Westmead Hospital, Sydney

2. Tradies in Gymea

Next add an Interior designer by the name of Emma Schaeche. Emma was the creative genius behind the new Tradie ‘s design, but was a late comer on the Zouki project. She also has a limited knowledge of the Sydney roadways.(although probably better than myself)

Now throw in a new member to the Red Design Group team, Deana Moretta. I am the new marketing coordinator at Red and am still finding my feet in the world of design.

We now chuck in two young guns that are in their first year of running their own business, Saxall design studio. Matt Hall and Michael Sacks in their first year, already have a great portfolio but will be working with us for the first time.

Last but definitely not least we pop in a well-established photographer by the name of Peter Bennetts. Peter is a very talented photographer with many years ‘ experience, but is also working with us for the first time.

At first glance this recipe seems slightly crazy. How could all these different elements mould together to create a successful campaign?

Red chose to not play it safe and instead take a risk, but in the end that risk paid off. We ‘re not saying that there weren’t a few bumps along the way. A feat such as this would be hard to pull off smoothly, even with the most experienced and well established team. A few flights were missed, it rained the entire day and wrong turns were made, but all in all the day was a complete success. The assembled team were able to work together productively while still managing to have heaps of fun along the way. Many organisations choose to play it safe. Red chose to go with its gut and give this newly assembled team a go. From afar it may have appeared to be a recipe for disaster but has definitely proved itself to be a recipe for success.

Stay posted over the next few weeks to see the final results!