St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, located adjacent Victoria Parade in Fitzroy, employs more than 5,000 staff and provides 880 beds in daily use across a wide range of medical services.

Incorporating a new architectural extension into the hospital precinct, over service tunnels, at the base of an existing building and adjacent busy public walkways was always going to be challenging.

Red Design Group worked intimately with Zouki to achieve a successful outcome that also accommodates a unique food offer never before available in hospitals.

Hospital staff, visitors and patients will benefit from an extensive selection of delicious, healthy food created on site by the Zouki team, which has an impressive food and beverage program. The open kitchen will provide fresh food theatre where customers are able to have their order freshly prepared.

Named Courtyard 55, referencing the location at 55 Victoria Parade, Red also developed the brand and all branded assets.

This design complements the blue Mapei terrazzo floor tile and Dulux Acra Tex canopy render to communicate a compelling and comprehensive brand statement.

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