How to incorporate the late David Band’s noteworthy graphic illustrations into our response to Crown’s brief for a unique hawker style food offer alongside a new table gaming area became the first major consideration in arriving at a new concept.

After much contemplation we came up with an unobtrusive framing solution that effectively and simply bridged the new palette of materials selected for the lower section of the wall with the original work above.

Another key gesture was our introduction of oversized pendant light fittings to the self-contained and very large floor space on Crown’s first floor. This conveyed a sense of canopy over the gaming tables – and with that greater intimacy – while also projecting an inviting amenity out onto the streetscape.

Flooring is a major player in forging distinction yet connectivity between gaming and restaurant/lounge spaces and at the same time, subtly hints at the oriental culture that inspired the surrounds.

Spatial planning took the lead from the client’s prescribed requirements for gaming table layouts, lighting and security. From there we worked to make the adjacent kitchen and dining experience function to best advantage. It made sense to tuck the preparation kitchen in a corner previously assigned to those duties. Playing on the idea of being in an entertainment precinct – the design gives prominence to a large open show kitchen that’s visible from the gaming area. The cooking steam, duck display and the exciting activity of chefs at work sends the message that quality fresh food is conveniently cooked on the spot.

Seating configurations address the client’s brief for growth. Dining is to the kitchen side and lounge area to the other – intersected by banquet seating which created a spine and physical separation between the two but that also encouraged eating in the lounge area. The overall design is a very contemporary interpretation of the gastronomic genre. We’ve used layering of pattern on pattern, the language of various screening devices and detailing of a tea station area to create a space that imparts a sense of being slightly hectic but is also controlled – not too pure or over-designed.

Entry to Mings Dim Sum on Crown’s first floor is just opposite Café Baci directly off Retail Street, a few steps along from Bistro Guillame. Ironically we designed all four of these projects -all opening within a six-month period during 2011. While each had a very different brief and interpretation, they are united by our consistent exploration of designs that are simple and bold yet filled with fun and elements that surprise.

When talking gaming – a collaborative approach that harnesses the expertise of the client and the design team ensures an outcome that delivers in spades.

-Completed Project-