Bonjour et bienvenue a Bistro Guillaume!

The latest eatery to be welcomed to the RED DESIGN GROUP hospitality design portfolio is Bistro Guillaume at The Crown Burswood Complex in Perth-which has recently undergone a major refurbishment.

It has followed a wave of designs for Crown in Melbourne including its sister Restaurant Bistro Guillaume, Café Baci and Ming’s Dim Sum (previously Sante).

RED designer Stephen Tieppo has created his latest design for the Guillame empire to rave reviews in the media citing it as one of Perth’s major dining hotspots.

To celebrate the restaurant’s opening, an event was held on the 22nd September, showcasing both the venue design and the fine food on offer by renowned chef and restaurateur Guillaume Brahimi.

Although still fresh amongst the food scene in Perth it has already been branded a ‘mecca for food lovers’ (Michelle Row, The Australian).

Great food is, of course, always the key to success of any restaurant – but so is great design. Customers need to feel that they are receiving the full dining experience, and this means that their surroundings play an integral role.

The familiar green signature accent colour, also used in the Melbourne design, has been strategically used throughout contrasting against the French provincial décor elements. This allows for a departure from a formal restaurant to a more casual dining experience which completely fits into the context of the Burswood resort.

Natural light floods into the venue through the large windows and illuminates the French provincial décor elements that combine with the outdoors setting to provide a seamless link to the resort pool.

The venue differs from its Melbourne sibling in that it benefits from the beautiful West Australian light, creating a striking visual illusion that makes everything seem larger, more spacious and crisp.

If you’re not a Perth resident it may be a long way to go for a meal, but if the media is anything to go by, it’s definitely worth the trip.

For everyone else, give your taste buds and eyes a treat and make sure you frequent the Melbourne Bistro Guillaume at the crown promenade.

We doubt you’ll be disappointed.