Not all that long ago that I was living in Singapore and spending my lazy weekend days, as the locals do, shopping. The malls are enormous, the retail is phenomenal and the planning is well impressive. As you walk your way down Orchard Rd, watch the clouds, beware of a raindrop and if you see the trees sway a little, make sure to take cover. Head your way into Ion Shopping Mall, but be prepared to spend some money, as this mall is planned to keep you entertained.

At the beginning of last year Orchard Rd hosted about 15 big malls, impressive as that is, it progressed rapidly throughout 2009 to offer a further 5 more. And if that’s not enough to hang a medal on, you should wait till you walk inside. From marble to stone, to chandeliers and champagne bars, people are ready to spend, and retailers are ready to gain. No wonder the countries economy is so strong, with the humidity so high and the storms so frequent, the consumers are always looking to take cover.