‘Featured’ snapshot taking a look at the relationship between Red Design Group and Uniqlo Australia.

We have formed valuable partnerships and friends during the journey across Australia.


These photos are only a snippet of the completed work. There is a team of people behind this work that helps bring it all together both client, landlord and consultant sides.

We look forward to supporting Uniqlo in the years ahead.

160218_UNIQLO_CHATSWOOD_0095 160218_UNIQLO_CHATSWOOD_0102 160218_UNIQLO_CHATSWOOD_0105 160218_UNIQLO_CHATSWOOD_0108 160728_UNIQLO_WERRIBEE_0004 160728_UNIQLO_WERRIBEE_0015 160728_UNIQLO_WERRIBEE_0105 160728_UNIQLO_WERRIBEE_0455 160728_UNIQLO_WERRIBEE_0475 IMG_4808 IMG_4883 IMG_4890 IMG_4899 IMG_5480 IMG_5495 IMG_5516 JNP_RDG_Chadstone_Oct16_1103 JNP_RDG_Chadstone_Oct16_1234 JNP_RDG_Chadstone_Oct16_1694 Uniqlo Chermside_01 UNIQLO_031 UNIQLO_067 UNIQLO_162 UNIQLO_196 UNIQLO_243 UNIQLO_261 UNIQLO_301 UNIQLO_322