The story of Sir Michael Hill’s success as a retailer continues as the brand he launched in 1978 celebrates the opening of their latest store.

“My parents and uncle demanded I give up this folly and get a real job,” said Sir Michael said at a recent celebration marking the brand’s 40th anniversary.

Thankfully Sir Michael did not listen to his parents – and with turnover of over $500m – he has every reason to be proud of what he created.

It’s a positive story that should inspire other retailers to keep their brands fresh and their stores constantly improving.

Retail at the moment is too tough to stand still – and customers are constantly looking for a great experience in stores.

After all it’s only in stores that we can appeal to all 5 senses in a 3 dimensional environment.

It is impossible to create a more compelling experience online in a 2 dimensional medium that appeals to only two of our senses.

Good on you – Sir Michael!

The RED team enjoyed working with you and your team to create your brand new store.

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