The customer experience is integral to the success of any retail space.  The physical and tangible aspects of retail will always be desired by the customer.  There is such a huge progression of online stores in the realm of retail that new brand creatives need to think of new concepts in retail design. They need to encompass the brand experience across all mediums.  Including online, mobile and in store.

When it come to the importance of the bricks and mortar store it is all about the customers personal interaction with the store.  As Doug Stephen from Retail Prophet explains, “People may not need WHAT you sell but HOW you sell it”.

The customer journey is giving the customer an experience the drives them back to the store again and again.  They enjoy their time in the store as it is social and interactive.

Maybe the way to sell people things is to NOT sell people things

Doug Stephens, founder and president at Retail Prophet

Frank and Oak is a men’s clothing brand designed in Canada.  The business started solely as an online store.  However the CEO and Co Founder Ethan Song found the need to open a physical store to provide the best service and experience to their customers.  As he explains they found “new ways to look at the physical space in retail”.  They provide social services for their customers including a barber shop and café.  This creates a great sense of community and an overall interactive customer journey.

Above all else a retail space needs to connected with the brands core values.  If it does this the continuity gives a sense of structure and security.

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