Australia Post has the largest retail network in Australia with over 4,000 outlets nationwide. Many thousands of customers queue in their stores to pay bills, buy foreign exchange, mail letters or parcels, pay for their retail purchases, or make financial transactions. RED DESIGN GROUP was commissioned to design in-store digital content which would inform and entertain Australia Post retail customers, improving their experience whilst waiting in line to be served.

Prior to our appointment Fujitsu’s digital media division won the contract to supply the hardware and their TELentice content management system (CMS) as a total package. Working with Fujitsu, RED DESIGN GROUP provided the customer insights, developed the creative strategy, did the content design, produced the digital content in the form of templates and set up the media schedules which were installed into the TELentice CMS.

This was a great example of how store design and digital design can work seamlessly. We thought carefully about the customer experience in everything we designed. How long would customers be waiting in line? Where were the screens located? What sort of content would add value to the in-store experience? What should the content look like and how should it be scheduled for maximum benefit to customers?

Developing the strategy we realised how important it is was to understand both the physical store environment and the digital environment. Our client commented favourably that RED was unique in bringing its combined store and digital design skills to the table. RED DESIGN GROUP has practiced the principles of good store design for nearly a decade – including the importance of good planning, customer circulation, sight-lines, look and feel and visual communication. Roy Tavenor, our Managing Principal, headed the retail team in the Australia Post project.

Stephen Borg who will head our new digital team, is one the digital media industry’s leading experts globally, and he brought his wealth of digital signage experience as a consultant to the project.

And when Tim McTigue, previously leader of Telstra Digital’s Customer Adoption team, came on board to direct the project – a classic case of synergy between store design and digital design occurred – with everything coming together to achieve a rapid result for Australia Post with a short timeline of 4 weeks and intense strategy and design work.

Australia Post’s first store went live on 29th February in William Street, Melbourne with their new instore digital media, and more stores will be added in a national rollout. Customer waiting in queues in the store can now enjoy local and national news reports, local weather personalised for their suburbs, check the latest rates before buying foreign exchange, and get information on a range of value adding products and services that are sold in stores.

Using some of the more sophisticated tools within the Fujitsu Telentice CMS, we will be testing applications such as delivering specific data feeds to targeted locations, segment messages to certain demographics, and deliver associated content to cross-sell products.

For example forex rates could be linked to promotions about travel, and news items aimed at women can be displayed alongside banners that advertise female oriented products and services.

Australia Post is an excellent example of a large retailer adopting ‘smart’ in-store applications of digital content, the primary aim of which is to improve the in-store customer experience in-line – rather than on-line.

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