When Toyota decided to locate digital dealerships in shopping malls, RED was commissioned to design the first concept store.

We have seen this trend emerging in UK, Europe and the USA – most often for more premium brands.

Toyota have targeted their typical mainstream demographic in Australia, but have placed far more emphasis on women as purchasers.

This was clearly shown to be the correct strategy within days of this new dealership opening in the Rouse Hill Shopping Centre in Sydney.

A female customer visited the store on a routine shopping trip and ended up adding a new Toyota to her shopping trolley.

We expect to see many more auto brands go down this path as dealership construction costs rise and large sites become harder to find in inner city locations.

Shopping malls are where the customers go regularly – for food or fashion – and permanent dealerships such as this Toyota prototype will become a common occurrence.

The use of digital technology will also increase as a means to sell a wider range of models and options – as the number of vehicles on the sales floor will be far less.

Toyota have used their Toyota 360 digital platform to great effect in Rouse Hill – making it possible for customers to browse the entire range and experience interactive content that helps them with their purchasing decisions.