Digital Twins are changing how we design for New Retail. Everything in our physical world can also exist as a digital model – and that includes stores.

Digital Twins allow you to visualise your stores as realistic 3D digital models. Furthermore, it captures the key data that you need to design, build and manage them.

Combine a store Digital Twin with geo-spatial map data to picture your site as well the consumer insights from your catchment market.

Demographic and economic data can be layered into your Digital Twin. This allows you to use Visual Analytics to study your marketplace as well as the retail metrics of your store.

New Retailers know that online growth is vital for their survival. However, they also know that stores have a vital role in delivering total customer experience.

The future of retail will be about Smart Stores. Both physical and digital. Digital Twins are the first step on the journey to Smart Retailing.

Let’s talk New Retail – let’s talk Digital Twins.

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