Since the inception of RED DESIGN GROUP, Managing Principal Roy Tavenor has had a vision of creating a series of breakfast meetings where professionals could come together and openly discuss different topics in a relaxed environment.

The inaugural Red Breakfast Exchange was based around the topic of social media. This rapidly growing medium is hotly debated throughout a large variety of media; It is a topic that has been adopted openly by younger generations with the older generations seeming to approach this new form of communication with slight trepidation.

Here at RED we have recently started focusing on integrating this medium into our current communications plan. We see it as an essential tool for any organisation to adopt in order to stay relevant in this new age of human communication. We have seen great results within RED DESIGN GROUP in order to effectively communicate with media, clients and staff alike.

Each Breakfast Exchange will have a different host who is an authority on the selected topic. Our digital director and social media guru, Tim McTigue was the host for our first Breakfast. His years of experience helped the attendees with any queries and concerns that they might have been feeling in terms of engaging in this new form of communication.

The idea is to have a different group of people at each meeting whom we believe could benefit from the experience. The select group of individuals invited to the inaugural event were chosen due to their current involvement medium or their hesitation to become involved.

The first attendee was Cristina Velardo. She is co-owner of The Candy Room and a client of Reds. The Candy Room has proved to be highly successful -both in terms of the magnitude of media coverage for our design and the feedback from Candy Room clients as to the high quality of produce they / Next is James Edmonds, CEO of the very successful Rogerseller who showcase the very best in local and imported bathroom and kitchen products. James has also worked closely with Red in the redesign of his Perth, Brisbane and Sydney showrooms – as well as their flagship store in Burnley, Richmond.

Also in attendance was Chris Kontos, GM Marketing at Harris Scarfe. Chris himself has a great deal of experience with social media and was a great addition to the morning’s discussions. RED DESIGN GROUP has also worked with Harris Scarfe on many aspects of their design and branding.

Lyn Sowersby, a director of a very successful independent real estate agency Walshe & Whitelock was also in attendance as the business of social media is not purely a medium to be used by retail industries.

Last but definitely not least was Renee Pratten from JLL and her colleague Emma. From her shopping centre experience with clients such as ISPT, Renee knows the importance of having a seamless relationship between the physical brand and its online presentation.

All attendees brought with them a wealth of knowledge from their respective industries. It resulted in an open sharing environment where ideas were thrown around the room in a continual flow. It’s safe to say that no one was short on opinions on this heavily debated topic.

The first RED DESIGN GROUP Breakfast Exchange was a great success and we are extremely excited to move forward with what is to become a new RED tradition.

What topic do you find prevalent in todays business environment?

Would you like to attend one of our future events? – let us know

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