When we look at the process of painting a space, we as designers know, there is a certain amount of excitement in the initial decision being made to paint a home or space, the selection of a particular colour and the impact that colour can make in all of our lives. We therefore wanted this excitement to be apparent at the exact moment customers decide to make their purchase, within the sometimes ordinary experience of the typical paint shop.

With the refurbishment of the Paint Right store in Eltham, for Haymes Paint, Red Design Group’s Creative Director Colin Bell set out to show the client some examples of where we thought colour had been used in a bold way, to get them into our mindset, such as the ad for an electronics company where a Glasgow tower block was exploded with blasts of colour.

From the outset of the brief we knew we had to bear in mind the tight budget and that we would have to be creative with the materials used and their application. Within the current Haymes stores, small colour paint swatches are used within their colour display wall which we decided to use as the basis for the concept, with a montage of large format colour discs, used as a backdrop to the fixturing which wraps around the store. We contrasted this with the rawness and simplicity of strandboard material, used in the communal table which acts as a workshop zone, where designers, builders and home owners can experiment with colour combinations.