This design was the first of a new generation of digital TAB agencies about to be rolled out by Racing & Wagering Western Australia – RWWA.

RED has worked with RWWA since 2008 to design their TAB agencies and PubTabs.

The old paper-based TAB’s were extremely labour intensive and inefficient – typically taking a few hours each morning to set up race sheets and form guides on pinboard racewalls.

Some years ago RWWA introduced SST’s – Self Service Terminals- for customer to place bets as well as CIT’s – Customer Information Terminals – which were touchscreens giving customers access to online information about races, horses, jockeys, track conditions and a wealth of form guides.

Customer embraced these new technologies so well that it was evident that even more digital opportunities existed.

So in this sleek new design the only paper in sight is in the form of betting tickets.

With a clean crisp look and a bright colour palette reinforcing the TAB brand, customers can now access more Self Service Terminals than ever before.

They can access more information using “warmtouch” screens mounted in tables and benches around the store.

Marketing and promotional information runs on large digital screens located around the space eliminating the need for printed posters and clipframes.

RWWA purple wall

RWWA race wall

rwwa sports wall

rwwa sst

RWWA touch and wall

rwwa wide angle